Fun With Movie Quotes Friday: North Dallas Forty, “Ladies, ever had a quarterback Sandwich?”

This is not exactly what ole Mac Davis meant in the movie, since a) he was a quarterback and b) it was the 70’s, but it works. Hopefully the Rivers Buffett is open on Sunday so the defense can feast. 

Fun With Movie Quotes Friday: Coming to America “What does Dumb Fuck mean?”

Akeem attempts to catch a cab…by walking out into the middle of the street, putting his hand out and shouting, “Halt!” at it.

Cab driver: “You dumb FUCK!”

  • Akeem, after instructing the cabbie to take him to Queens, with the biggest grin on his face turns to Semmi: “What does ‘dumb fuck’ mean?”

The Houston Texans lineup to kick a FG before the end of the first half after piss poor time management and decision making out of Vance Joseph who then  calls a time out to “Ice the kicker”, the kicker misses the attempt. 

Kicker gets 2nd chance, makes it.

Texans Coach Bill O’Brien is seen on the sideline: “Good job Vance. You dumb fuck” 

Vance, with the biggest grin on his face: “What does ‘dumb fuck’ mean?”