A win is supposed to feel better than this, but as near perfect the first half was, the second half while not an exact opposite, I certainly wasn’t happy with it.  To sum it up, the Broncos made more plays in the 2nd half than Peyton Manning’s former team made in the first half which was the difference in the game.

A win is a win, and some like to stick their head in the sand and say all is well following a win, and as just a “FAN”, I should be able to do the same, but it’s not quite that simple.

When it comes to pregame shows, I’ll go with NFL Network with ESPN being a 2nd choice(even if I have to listen to Berman) if NFLN is not available on any given week.

CBS is just too boring even with their “new additions”, and Terry Bradshaw is a dumb ass so that ruins Fox. 

NFLN led by Michael Irvin & Warren Sapp just seem more unfiltered, say what they feel more than most others. Rich Eisen is also the better of the hosts as well. 

Now when NFLN adds Deion Sanders to their coverage, my fingers somehow find the remote. 

Gotta love when your local CBS puts on Cleveland @ Pittsburgh, when I’d much rather watch Miami @ New England. At least Fox has New Orleans @ Atlanta.  I’ll find a Patriots feed online.

4pm I’ll be watching the local Carolina Panthers start the season with Tampa Bay. The Panthers have a helluva defense but outside of Greg Olsen, Cam Newton doesn’t have much to throw at. Maybe the rookie WR will step up.  I believe it’s going to be a long season in Carolina. 

Noting Eighteen: Former team?

As it is well documented Peyton Manning goes up against the team he formerly played for tonight, but after taking a quick look at their depth chart, the only former teammate on the field is Mike Adams, a former Bronco.

Even on the offensive side of the ball the only former teammate is Reggie Wayne.

Then you have kicker, Adam Vinatieri and punter and ammature canal swimmer, Pat Mcafee, are the only other two former teammates Manning will be on the field with since Robert Mathis is on the suspended list.

It’s his former team, but not that many familiar faces are left.

For this first game, Broncos’ defense is intact, they have Peyton and the clean WRs. What are the odds of losing to the Colts? Do I need to send the power of the grayskull to beat them because I can😜? I want them to win this game soo badly , I will do anything to help them.

Send it, call Shannon Sharpe to call that National Guard. The score could be 77-0 and I’d want more.  I’m right there with you with wanting to win just as badly. I’d say call Lawrence Taylor to call in a couple of hookers for Luck, but he might prefer a broken laptop to fix. 

I’m fairly confident that we will be happy after the game.

Thanks for the question.

In his interview today, Peyton said it wasn’t a surprise,

I think what he meant by that is that they knew it(the suspension) was around the corner and could come at any time, that is how I took it. I didn’t take it as it wasn’t a shock that he failed a drug test. Wes had already appealed it and everything. I think he simply meant the “announcement” wasn’t a surprise.