A couple of questions from someone that wishes to remain anonymous.

Why did you refer to Andrew Luck as Buffalo Bills and why don’t you mention the Colts by name?

Buffalo Bill comes from “Silence of the Lambs”, he simply sounds like Ted Levine in his Buffalo Bill role, or Ted Levine in general. If Luck had a sense of humor, he’d have an audible built around “Put the lotion in the basket”, or “Candy Cane

I guess next time I could call him Lance Sweets from “Bones”, since they resemble each other a bit, well if the actor that plays Sweets, John Francis Daley,  could grow a few inches and pack on 100lbs. 

Why do I not mention Peyton Manning’s former team by name? Simply I don’t want to. Phil Simms, Greg Gumbel, Peter King and a host of others aren’t using the nickname “Redskins” of the NFL team in Washington, so I’m choosing to identify Peyton Manning’s former team as simply, Peyton Manning’s former team, or 18’s former team, or most likely PMFT from here on out. Silly? yes, just having some fun with it.

Thanks for the questions.

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It’s Wednesday here on the East coast, so i’ll answer this one now.

Wednesday Q&A from @bb6cats

What do you think of Andrew Luck’s numbers so far, and do you think he’ll be as successful as PM?

His win/loss record is slightly better than expected, but then again he didn’t go to typical 2-14 team. That team had too much talent and suffered through an incompetent coach trying to get a mediocre on his best day quarterback attempt to dress up as Peyton Manning for Halloween for each of his starts.  They would have been much more successful with Painter, or Collins, or anyone had they dialed back the offense to a more generic I-based offense (I’m rambling & that wasn’t the question so I’ll stop).

In his 2 year tenure, he’s run entirely different offenses. Arians fling it & pray offense with far more downfield targets as a rookie, and then a dialed down West Coast Offense (WCO) in year 2.

To me the “improvement” that he showed from year 1 to year 2 had as much to do with the change in the offense (a variation/similar system that he ran at Stanford) as it did with him gaining experience on his own. Had he still be running the Arians system, he would have likely shown improvement, but the interceptions and negative plays (sacks/fumbles) etc would have been higher.

To me, his completion %( 54.1 & 60.2) are far lower than they should be. He should have been in the low 60’s as a rookie (based on how good he was supposed to be), and then bordering on 64-65% in the WCO. So his accuracy hasn’t lived up to expectations. Neither has his command of the offense. He was reported to have some type of photographic memory, but he holds on to the ball way too long, which is a key contributor as to # of hits he takes. Manning, behind the same line, would read the defense much quicker and have the ball out to the receiver’s. Sure it’s only been two years for Luck, and he’ll likely read defenses better in year 10 than in year 2, but he’s had a hand in some of those sacks, and some of those hits, simply because he hasn’t got rid of the ball. His fundamentals  are also a little lacking in consistency, but that can be said for nearly any QB in comparison to Manning. 

In Manning’s first 2 years, he was closer to the league leaders than Luck has been in his first 2 years.

  • In 98/99 the top passing yardage mark was Favre’s 8303, Manning had 7874.
  • In 12/13 the top passing yardage mark was Brees’ 10,339, Luck had 8176.
  • In 98/99 the top touchdown mark was Favre & Steve Beuerline’s 53, Manning was one shy with 52.
  • In 12/13 the top touchdown passing mark was Manning’s 92 while Luck tossed 46.

While the game has changed rookie records are going to be broken just as Marino’s 48 touchdown passes and 5084 yards have been broken.  Manning still owns the rookie record (now with Russell Wilson with 26 touchdown passes). 

In 1998, the average NFL QB had the following line:

32.3 attempts per game. 205 ypg, 22 td passes, 71.2 rating, and a 56.6 cmp %.

Manning exceeded all of those but the rating.

In 2012, the average NFL QB had the following line:

34.7 apg, 231.3 ypg, 24 touchdown passes, 83.8 rating and a 60.9 cmp%.

Luck only bettered the APG, and YPG.

So while the mere fact that Luck had more passing yards than Manning during his rookie year, and has more cumulative yards through 2(so does Cam Newton, who was the QB that broke Manning’s passing yards record), many people assume that Luck was better than Manning. He had more yards. Manning was closer to the NFL’s best back then, than Luck is at this point.

So while some of his #’s are impressive, some aren’t as impressive as some think.

Will he be as successful as Manning? That one is hard to define. Lesser Quarterbacks than Manning have won quite a few if not every super bowl but one. Some have multiple rings. If the Colts build a better team around Luck than Manning, then he could surpass his Lombardi total, but then again, I believe that Dan Marino is the 2nd best quarterback to play the game and he only played in one Super Bowl, losing to Joe Montana.

Some of his #’s will likely exceed Manning, just because of the shift in the way the game is played. Manning helped create the style that many quarterbacks emulate at all levels of football. I read article/interview with Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe, who was as you likely know, Peyton’s OC at UT, and Eli’s HC at Ole Miss, and he said he had kids coming in at 17/18 that were mentally further along at 17/18 than either Manning, but it is because that the style that Peyton helped create has filtered down to college, high school and even youth league teams. They are simply more advanced.  When I played high school (I graduated in 1990), our play calling system was a WR would run each play in. We ran a veer/option based system and threw the ball more than 10 times a game like 3 times over 3 years. Different game. These days, you see high school quarterbacks with the coach/wristbands getting plays signaled and more coaching done from the sideline, but the QBs have more on their plate than even 25 years ago. The game has advanced.

So, when all is said and done it wouldn’t surprise me to see Luck pass some of his #’s, but it’s hard to say that that makes him better. If you want to leave it to wins/losses, then he should be more successful since he went to a better team, and played on better teams early in his career.

I guess it will all come down to how does one define success? I think Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady, but Brady has been more successful in winning team championships, and has a better won-loss record, but I also feel that he has bene on better teams, played for a much better coach, and had some of his #’s not lowered by learning on the fly as a rookie, but that’s a whole different story.

Thanks for the question.

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The Cincinnati Bengals and Andy Dalton ink 6 year/115 deal.

This is good for him, and good for quarterbacks in general. The dollars keep rising. 

It’s bad news for owner’s like Jim Irsay, you remember him, the idiot that thinks he’s building a new model, one where the QB doesn’t back up to his door with an armored car?  He had his chance for a new model, but passed on it.  

For Cam Newton , Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and other QB’s that are seeking their 2nd contract the prices keep going up.

The QB crowd in their early 30’s have to be salivating at this as well. The class of 2004, Eli, Rivers, Big Ben, will each be seeking a new deal in the next few years. Any QB, that will sign a new deal in his prime is loving this. Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford. Deals like this make Peyton Manning’s contract look like a bargain. 

I’m not sold on Andy Dalton as a quarterback, he’s decent, but I don’t think he’s worth nearly that much at first glance. More details will have to trickle out to see what options the Bengals have to move away from it, to see if it can be beneficial to both sides.

Why suspending @jimirsay would be a waste of time.

Today is a perfect example of why suspending Colts owner would be a waste of time. 

Colts running back Vick Ballard, their best running back, I might add, tore his Achilles tendon today in training camp. An unfortunate event for the team and a good young back. He will obviously be placed on Injured Reserve, and his roster spot filled.

Let’s suppose that Commissioner Goodell had already suspended Irsay for his DWI charges(along with the drug issues that somehow vanished from the Indiana legal system).  Are you telling me that their GM Ryan Grigson wouldn’t touch base with the Colts owner on how to fill the Ballard roster spot? Sure they have other backs in camp, and gave away this past year’s #1 pick when trading for Trent Richardson, but if you don’t think that Grigson, or whatever Irsay daughter that would likely be the figurehead of the franchise wouldn’t touch base with the boss man or “Daddy”, then you are naive.  Suspending him would be a waste of time and only a token punishment.

He would still be involved in the decision making process. What if this injury would have happened to Andrew Luck, and the ? mark is even larger. Of course he’s going to help decide, whether they simply ride with Matt Hasselbeck, turn the ball over to the other 3rd year QB Chandler Harnish, or explore a trade/signing a free agent.

Fining him the million dollar max per the CBA, also does nothing to the billionaire. That would be like me giving you 4 quarters and a nickle. 

As I have said before, if the NFL wants to punish an owner, this joke of owner or any other, it has to be draft picks and or cap space or there is no real punishment.  Anything else is a token slap on the wrist, a lot like what happened with Ray Rice yesterday.

Colin Kaepernick and 49ers Agree to Record 6 Year, $126 Million Contract Extension

Good Luck with that San Francisco.

The best part about it is that the Indianapolis Colts will be forced to spend even more on Luck. So much for Irsay’s “new model” where the team doesn’t revolve around the Quarterback. 

Jokes on him, because he too dumb to understand that from the start.