My All Time Team: Honorable Mention Offense: Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

This marks the 13th of 53 weeks of announcing a member of my all time team. In weeks 13/26/39 and 52 there will be an additional post of Honorable Mention players (active) that make my team for one reason or another.

First up is Larry Fitzgerald. The greatest wide receiver I’ve ever watched outside of Jerry Rice. If he only had a top notch QB for the majority of his career he might have given ole Jerry a run for his money, but for the most part he played with trash.

Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts fumble the ball again.

Yesterday they announce that on the weekend of October 7th/8th the following will occur:

  • 10/7: Peyton Manning’s statue will be unveiled outside of “The House that Peyton Built”
  • 10/8: Jersey # 18 is officially retired
  • 10/8: Peyton Manning enters the Colts Ring of Honor.

All of those are honors are well deserved but is this day supposed to be about Peyton Manning?  If so then why isn’t it scheduled for December 12th/13th when the Denver Broncos come to town to hopefully beat the shit out of the Colts.

The Colts currently have one former Manning teammate on the roster, kicker Adam

Vinatieri. I’m sure a number of his former teammates will make the trip to Indianapolis to be apart of the celebration but even more could have easily been included. 

Outside of Vinatieri, I think at last count there might be three of his former Colts teammates still active in the league, Jacob Tamme in Atlanta, Antoine Bethea, was recently signed by the Arizona Cardinals(who play in Indy during week 2 and would also be a better weekend to host these events simply because of Bruce Arians(former IC QB Coach) and Tom Moore(former IC OC) would be in the building). So the more I think about it they really did shit the bed in planning this.  Dwight Freeney would be the other guy, but I don’t think he’s on a roster yet, but I also haven’t seen an official retirement announcement. 

If the day was truly about Manning, it would be scheduled when the Broncos come to town so that even more of his former teammates could be a part of it. I’m sure former receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders would love to say congratulations to their former Quarterback and guys like Von Miller and others such as 

Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward among other defensive players would view it as an honor to be around on that day. 

But Jim Irsay is all about Jim Irsay and his upside down horseshoe.  The bastard will never win it all again.