Peyton’s a great player,We’ve had tremendous battles with him through the years. There’s no player off our team I have more respect for than Peyton Manning. His preparation, his consistency, his skills, I would never, ever, ever underestimate him under any circumstances.

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

On This Day:

Belichick’s defense held Peyton Manning to one touchdown drive, but the 2nd
year quarterback was able to lead 3 other drives that resulted in field goals
as his team beat the New York Jets 16-13, with Mike Vanderjagt breaking the
13-13 tie with :14 seconds to go in the game.

finished 21/35 for 210 with a touchdown pass to Terrance Wilkins(22) and an

On This Day:

Manning got his first taste of a Bill Belichick defense as he faced the team he
could have easily been playing for had he decided to forgo his senior year at

turned out to be one of his worst losses of his career losing 44-6.

finished the day 20/44 for 193 yards and a pair of interceptions.

silver lining is that the hit by Mo Lewis shown above didn’t start the Kelly
Holcomb era like a hit by Lewis did a few years later.