18 turns 42. Happy Birthday

Peyton Manning experienced quite a few “42” moments over his career, but I doubt any were as enjoyable as hugging and congratulating his baby brother Eli after Eli and his Giants won Super Bowl “42”.

Touchdown passes

  • His 42nd TD pass at Tennessee came against Georgia in ’96, a 31 yarder to Joey Kent.
  • In Indy, his 42nd TD pass went to Marvin Harrison for 19 yards in ’99  against the Giants.
  • In Denver, Wes Welker caught his 42nd Broncos TD pass against Baltimore,  his 5th of 7 that game on the way to tie an NFL record.


  • His 42nd win of his career came against Jacksonville, in 2002 by the score of 20-13.
  • In Denver, his 42nd win came against Minnesota in 2015, by the the score of 23-20.

TD passes of 42 yards

  • Marvin Harrison in 1999
  • Qadry Ismail in 2002
  • Emmanuel Sanders in 2014

Players with 42 or more TD catches from Manning

  • Marvin Harrison 112 (NFL record for QB/WR combo)
  • Reggie Wayne 67
  • Dallas Clark 44
  • Demaryius Thomas came just short of this list with 36

He threw 42 or more touchdown passes against two teams

  • Houston Texans 48
  • New England Patriots 43

He rushed for 42 or more yards once in his career

  • Buffalo in 2001, 44 yards including the 33 yard naked scamper below