My All Time Team: Offensive Captain, Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns

This marks the 26th of 53 weeks of announcing a member of my all time team. In weeks 26 and 52, I will name a pair of “old-timers”, that receive the title of Captain. I never saw them play, but they deserve the recognition.

First up for the offense, Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns.

On Broncos QB Peyton Manning’s career:

“He is pretty good. It has gone pretty well for him. That would be my first observation. The preparation, you see it on the field by how he handles things at the line of scrimmage, just how fast the ball gets out of his hands, where he is going with the ball. I feel like when you watch him, you don’t have to know a lot about football to know that he is prepared. I think that is the highest compliment I can pay him. He is always on top of it. He always understands what everybody is doing, and I think it is what has given him an edge and what allows him to play for as long as he is at a high level because even if your skills change a little bit, you can still play at a high level because he is so high-functioning intellectually. I have a ton of respect for him.”

On how well he knows Broncos QB Peyton Manning:

“Just over the years – I guess it might have been 20 years ago – he and his dad came and spoke at an athletic forum when I was at SMU and that was my first time meeting him and obviously, was very impressed with him and his dad. Just have always had a ton of respect for his game. Then, I’ve talked to him as we’ve played each other over the years, shared experiences with obviously him having a brother in the NFL and me having a brother in the NFL, not a shared bank account, obviously. You just appreciate that part.”

-Cleveland Browns Quarterback Josh McCown on Peyton Manning