Congratulations to Archie Manning on being named to the New Orleans Saints 50th anniversary All-time team. 

My dad always said that the difference between Terry Bradshaw having 4 Super Bowl Rings and Archie Manning zero was Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mel Blount and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

It seems that one of if not the best QB of that generation, Roger Staubach, (Fran Tarkenton is in the conversation) seems to agree with that theory in this interview.

I want

What do I want out of today?

First and foremost I want a win, sorta like my parents hoping for a healthy baby they didn’t care that it was ugly. So I want a win.

I want the final play to be #18 taking a knee so there are no questions asked. There are no heart attacks or anything of that ilk. 

I’ll take an MVP performance and I know the ignorant will bash it either way, that’s just how they roll. He could put up a 158.3 with 6 touchdowns and the idiots will revile against it. 

I’d love to go naked one final time on the goal line.  That would be the proverbial cherry on top. A signature play in a signature game from a signature career . 

I want the embrace of players  current, past and opposing stopping to offer congratulations.

I want a smile with trophy in hand. You now that one where it screams of such humbleness. 

I want the twins on stage  their hair and clothes littered with confetti and streamers. Maybe the little little ones doing snow angles with #88 and #10. 

I want one more kiss and embrace with Ashley on the twenty-seven or whatever yard-line.

I want brothers both big and little beaming of satisfaction with wet eyes.

I want Papabear and his better half to finally being able to exhale(partially Eli is still riding the river).