Congratulations to Archie Manning on being named to the New Orleans Saints 50th anniversary All-time team. 

My dad always said that the difference between Terry Bradshaw having 4 Super Bowl Rings and Archie Manning zero was Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mel Blount and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

It seems that one of if not the best QB of that generation, Roger Staubach, (Fran Tarkenton is in the conversation) seems to agree with that theory in this interview.

I want

What do I want out of today?

First and foremost I want a win, sorta like my parents hoping for a healthy baby they didn’t care that it was ugly. So I want a win.

I want the final play to be #18 taking a knee so there are no questions asked. There are no heart attacks or anything of that ilk. 

I’ll take an MVP performance and I know the ignorant will bash it either way, that’s just how they roll. He could put up a 158.3 with 6 touchdowns and the idiots will revile against it. 

I’d love to go naked one final time on the goal line.  That would be the proverbial cherry on top. A signature play in a signature game from a signature career . 

I want the embrace of players  current, past and opposing stopping to offer congratulations.

I want a smile with trophy in hand. You now that one where it screams of such humbleness. 

I want the twins on stage  their hair and clothes littered with confetti and streamers. Maybe the little little ones doing snow angles with #88 and #10. 

I want one more kiss and embrace with Ashley on the twenty-seven or whatever yard-line.

I want brothers both big and little beaming of satisfaction with wet eyes.

I want Papabear and his better half to finally being able to exhale(partially Eli is still riding the river).



On his confidence that the offense will start clicking
“We’re just continuing to work. We have a whole new opponent this week and it’s a new game. We’re just trying to continue to improve in a lot of aspects. We’re doing a good job of moving the ball at times. We’re not finishing drives quite like we wanted too, so the emphasis is there on being able to finish drives. There are some things that we’re doing well. We can build off of those and improve on some of the ones that we’re not doing as well.”

On if finishing more drives will help open the running game up
“Finishing drives just helps a lot. It’s a difference of scoring touchdowns as opposed to settling for field goals, or certainly when you turn it over down there, you get no points. It’s just kind of what we need to do a better job of. Like I said, it’d be one thing if we weren’t getting down there at all and had zero chance, but we are moving the ball down there and making some good plays. We’re having more explosive plays and some bigger pass plays to get down there in chunks. [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] had a couple of long plays. The other day, [WR] Bennie [Fowler] had a nice one. You want to be able to capitalize on those big plays for touchdowns.”

On if the offense is missing a good third-option receiver
“I don’t think so. I feel that D.T. [WR Demaryius Thomas] and Emmanuel are making a lot of plays. There’s no question that there are a lot of plays that are designed to get the ball to them. That’s no secret and it’s coming in from the coaches. Like I said, Bennie has made a lot of plays, [WR] Jordan [Norwood]—we didn’t convert a lot of third-downs the other day, but the couple that we converted, both went to Norwood on two blitzes where he and I were on the same page. With [TE] Owen [Daniels], I didn’t get him as involved. I didn’t get him involved last week, but he’s make big plays down in the red zone for us. Any game could be anybody’s day, but we’re certainly looking to spread the ball around and keep defenses from keying on any particular guys. I feel that we have good options.”

On his interceptions this season being correctable mistakes
“Yeah, I certainly believe that they are. Some have just been poor decisions and a couple have been bad luck, but regardless, I need to eliminate them. It would be a great week to do that this week.”

On the improvement of K Brandon McManus
“I don’t know. That’s a great question for him. He’s just kicking great. He’s doing well on kickoffs. He’s kicking with a lot of confidence. I’m not going to speak for him, I just know that he’s doing a heck of a job and I’m really glad that he’s on our team.”

On his reaction to the number of turnovers for offense
“We’re just trying to keep getting better. That’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what you try to do every single week regardless of your record and that’s what we’ll continue to do. It starts with the practice field and taking things that you work on in practice and apply them to the game.”

On if Cooper Manning is the funniest of the Manning brothers
“Yeah, absolutely. Always has been. He’s always had that quick wit and humor. He’s getting a chance to do it. I know he’s enjoying it. I know he’s enjoying doing it, which I’m happy for him for that.”

On if Cooper Manning used to impersonate him when he was in college
“Sometimes when people would mistake us, they would think he was me, and he wouldn’t correct them. He’d use it a little bit. Yeah, out and about. Why not, you know? He sure did a long time ago.”

On the relationship he has with Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam
“Obviously, I’ve known the Haslam family for going on 20 years now. They’re great supporters of the University of Tennessee. That’s been where my connection and relationship was. I’m very close with Mr. [Jim] Haslam, kind of the patriarch of the family who played at Tennessee. We share a bond there—both former players there—and have great love and pride in the university. Of course, Jimmy Haslam, who owns the Browns, is a great Tennessee Volunteer, as well. There is a great connection there and we both have a real passion for the university and both have a real thirst to get University of Tennessee Football back going again. When we do talk, which is not very often, especially in season, it’s usually about Tennessee Football and kind of how we’re doing. I’ve enjoyed having that relationship with him because we have a lot of common about our love for the University of Tennessee.”

On South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier’s resignation
“What an unbelievable player, coach. There is nobody that has ever done it better, right? If there is ever going to be a college Hall of Famer to go in as a player and a coach—I don’t think there is one—Bobby Dobb, maybe? I mean my dad is very involved, but Steve Spurrier should be the first, right? He was every bit the great college quarterback and has been just an unbelievable college coach. I think that statement alone, if that could happen, speaks for it all and just how successful he’s been. It doesn’t always happen, right? Sometimes you’re maybe a so-so player and a great coach or a great player and a so-so coach. He was a great college player and a great coach. To do it at three different programs, to me that kind of speaks for it, as well. It wasn’t just the players at that school or whatnot. It was him at the three places: Duke, Florida and South Carolina. I’m glad to hear that he’s not retiring. I probably feel sorry—he said he might take a high school job for whoever he’s playing. I think he’d be hard to stop.”

On if Spurrier’s pokes at Tennessee ever bothered him
“Like I said, I have great respect for him as a coach for the job that he’s done. He’s a true legend.”

On if he ever looks back and questions if he’d prefer to lead an NFL team or the University of Tennessee to a championship if he could only do one
“Is this deep question Wednesday before the bye week? I mean I have led one team to a title. I don’t know. I don’t have a great answer. I guess most people would like to say they’d like to do it at all levels, every team they play for. I think you’d love to win four national championship in college and 18 Super Bowls if you could.”

“We went to Colorado on a ski trip. I didn’t ski, I was playing football. They had this shop that sold belts, and you could put your initials on the buckle. I got No. 8—my number for the Saints. Well, I’m not going to wear a belt that has my number on it. I just hung it in my closet. With Cooper, Peyton, and Eli, “You don’t go across the street,” you know, “or you gonna get Number Eight.” I don’t remember using it that much, but I threatened. It just hung right there on the door of my closet. Looming.”

-Archie Manning on parenting, from “Esquire”