My All Time Team: Honorable Mention Offense Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

This marks the 52nd of 53 weeks of announcing a member of my all time team. In weeks 13/26/39/45 and 52 there will be an additional post of Honorable Mention players (active) that make my team for one reason or another.

This week, Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos

Yesterday was Peyton Manning’s 290th NFL football game counting the playoffs. There is no telling how many his mother, Olivia has attended. I would say it’s easily in the triple digits. 

When taking a knee in the victory formation, Manning often keeps the football. Carrying it off the field to the locker-room as a memento. Historically his wide receivers have kept most of the touchdown passes, but it seems #18 likes the ball at the end of the game after taking a knee.

Yesterday might have been Peyton Manning’s last win as an NFL quarterback. He might win another. He might win two more. He might not be finished and play next year. Nobody knows at this point. There is always the chance this was his last “W”.  Yet, for him to take that knee wrapping up the playoff victory against the Steelers, and turning to give the ball to Demaryius Thomas, whose mother, Katina Smith was watching her son play for the first time, just shows the character, the unselfishness and the person that Peyton Manning is. Seconds after seeing him hand the ball to 88, I posted this on twitter.

It’s nice knowing that is in fact how it played out. There might be someone that comes along and breaks this record or that record, but Peyton Manning has been a once in a lifetime player on and off the field.