On This Day:

Manning squared off against a Rex Ryan defense as the Broncos beast the New
York Jets 31-17 on the road.

finished 22/33 for 237 yards and three touchdown passes. Manning hit Julius Thomas(22,4)
for a pair of touchdowns and connected with Demaryius Thomas(4) for the other
touchdown pass.


I keep seeing people talk about Decker’s #’s with Tebow like they are impressive or something.

14 games

24 catches

368 yards

5 touchdown catches

It’s arguable if Decker’s #’s with Tebow are ever better than when he played with Orton. I would say that they aren’t.

With Orton, he had 2 more catches, 18 less yards, 1 less TD, in 3 less games. So I’d say he’d have at least 3 catches, 18 yards and 1 td if he had played 3 more games with Orton.

When you compare it to his #’s with Manning 172 catches, 2352 yards, 24 touchdowns, there is no room for comparisons.

“He did catch eight touchdown passes when [Tim] Tebow was the quarterback,” Jets coach RexRyan said yesterday, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “Hey, that’s pretty impressive.“

Translation: He’s caught passes from an inaccurate left handed qb before, so he will be used to Vick’s errant throws.

Good luck Eric you’ll need it and thank you for not going to SD, NE, or Indy.

Oh and it shows even more displeasure Ryan had for Tebow. He should have gone to Jacksonville when Elway gave him the choice.

NY Jets: Jets/Vick/Smith

I’m not sure why the Jets want to stunt the growth of Geno Smith. I understand the theory of bringing in a veteran Quarterback to help tutor a younger player, a lot like the Colts wisely brought in Matt Hasselbeck to tutor Andrew Luck, but in this particular case, Vick has horrible mechanics, he’s an 11 year vet and still can’t read a defense or fully understand the progressions of passing routes. 

The best thing for Smith will be to play and he will only regress with Vick as a mentor. He’ll only progress by doing, by taking snaps, by reading defenses, by playing the game of football.

Oh and I feel even more sorry for Eric Decker. He goes from the quarterback with the highest football acumen in the history of the game to a mental midget, that thinks x’s and o’s are for tic-tac-toe.

2014 Salary Cap set

The 2014 Salary cap has been set at $133,000,000 for the 2014 season.

The Broncos finished the 2013 with roughly $6.4 million in unused cap space that they can(most likely will carry over in to 2014, so that means they likely have roughly a $139 million team cap which based on various reports gives them about 19-21 million in cap space to spend.

The only way I see Eric Decker staying around is if no other team offers him an over-the-top type contract.  I want him to stay, but again, I’m not counting on it.