The Heisman Memorial Trophy. Irrelevant since 1997, 


Just a friendly reminder.

It’s that time a year again. #heistman

<sarcasm>I blame Fulmer for not putting #16 on the punt block team or at Free Safety for 3-6 plays a game <sarcasm/>

A Throwback Thursday that will make you think. It’s 16 days until Tennessee opens it’s season, and they have been counting down with images/videos of players that wore jersey #’s. 

The picture above was from when in the spring of 1997, Peyton Manning, announced he would return for his senior year, and yes Head Coach Philip Fulmer was giddy.

It makes you wonder what the last 18 years would have been like had he decided to forgo his final season at Tennessee.

He would have been drafted #1 by New York.

He wouldn’t have played for the billionaire buffoon known as Jim Irsay. 

He would have thrown Keyshawn the damn ball so damn much he’d be in the damn Hall of Fame.

Would Bill Belichick ever have left New York for New England? If he doesn’t what does the name Tom Brady mean today? Status quo? Average NFL QB, Insurance salesman?

It is interesting to ponder.  The NFL would have been so much different.