Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts fumble the ball again.

Yesterday they announce that on the weekend of October 7th/8th the following will occur:

  • 10/7: Peyton Manning’s statue will be unveiled outside of “The House that Peyton Built”
  • 10/8: Jersey # 18 is officially retired
  • 10/8: Peyton Manning enters the Colts Ring of Honor.

All of those are honors are well deserved but is this day supposed to be about Peyton Manning?  If so then why isn’t it scheduled for December 12th/13th when the Denver Broncos come to town to hopefully beat the shit out of the Colts.

The Colts currently have one former Manning teammate on the roster, kicker Adam

Vinatieri. I’m sure a number of his former teammates will make the trip to Indianapolis to be apart of the celebration but even more could have easily been included. 

Outside of Vinatieri, I think at last count there might be three of his former Colts teammates still active in the league, Jacob Tamme in Atlanta, Antoine Bethea, was recently signed by the Arizona Cardinals(who play in Indy during week 2 and would also be a better weekend to host these events simply because of Bruce Arians(former IC QB Coach) and Tom Moore(former IC OC) would be in the building). So the more I think about it they really did shit the bed in planning this.  Dwight Freeney would be the other guy, but I don’t think he’s on a roster yet, but I also haven’t seen an official retirement announcement. 

If the day was truly about Manning, it would be scheduled when the Broncos come to town so that even more of his former teammates could be a part of it. I’m sure former receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders would love to say congratulations to their former Quarterback and guys like Von Miller and others such as 

Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward among other defensive players would view it as an honor to be around on that day. 

But Jim Irsay is all about Jim Irsay and his upside down horseshoe.  The bastard will never win it all again. 

This is more
of a rant than anything, but hey it gets the blood pumping.

So Jim
wants Peyton Manning to
retire as a Colt? Well, Jim you
shouldn’t have fired him. You
shouldn’t have thrown him away in a Hefty
bag and even more than that you shouldn’t open your damn mouth this week.

Just shut the fuck up about #18. You don’t
deserve to talk about him. Not this week, not when it could be his last game.
It just shows how sad and petty you are that you have to seek any level of
attention. What you should have done with your trigger happy thumbs that rival
a 13-year-old girl was simply congratulated
him for the AFCCG win. Then on
Saturday or Sunday you send out a “good
tweet. That’s what you should have done, but no you have to go on
some tv show and say you want him to retire a Colt, and that you’ve asked him

I can see why he might. He spent the majority
of his career there. Won his first of a possible two Lombardi trophies there. Made relationships, made lasting bonds.
Built a freaking stadium, poured
money into various charities
including the Peyton Manning Children’s
. I get that. He loves the city. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted
to be like a Dan Marino and play his
entire career with one franchise. Well, that didn’t happen. He loves the
majority of the fans. So I can understand why he might want to do a one-day
contract, but you, you pill headed piece
of shit
, you do not deserve to stand by him at a retirement press conference.
Peyton Manning is a far better man
than myself, a far better man than you, so while that might happen, but you,
you petty drunk bastard do not deserve it all.

He’ll show up for the Ring of Honor induction. He’ll show up for the official retirement
of jersey #18. He’ll show up when
you honor the team from XLI or other teammates & coaches.
He’ll show up when they erect a
outside the stadium he built,
but I hope when he does retire, he simply retires and doesn’t give you that
honor of him retiring by your side.  Oh
and for those that think he’ll come back and work as a coach, a member of the
front office, or GM. Of that team? For that dickhead?  Nah not happening.      

Archie Manning has used the term fired, when most say cut. I’m sure Archie’s terminology is
closer to how #18 feels than “most”.

Enjoy your next relapse.

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It’s Wednesday here on the East coast, so i’ll answer this one now.

Wednesday Q&A from @bb6cats

What do you think of Andrew Luck’s numbers so far, and do you think he’ll be as successful as PM?

His win/loss record is slightly better than expected, but then again he didn’t go to typical 2-14 team. That team had too much talent and suffered through an incompetent coach trying to get a mediocre on his best day quarterback attempt to dress up as Peyton Manning for Halloween for each of his starts.  They would have been much more successful with Painter, or Collins, or anyone had they dialed back the offense to a more generic I-based offense (I’m rambling & that wasn’t the question so I’ll stop).

In his 2 year tenure, he’s run entirely different offenses. Arians fling it & pray offense with far more downfield targets as a rookie, and then a dialed down West Coast Offense (WCO) in year 2.

To me the “improvement” that he showed from year 1 to year 2 had as much to do with the change in the offense (a variation/similar system that he ran at Stanford) as it did with him gaining experience on his own. Had he still be running the Arians system, he would have likely shown improvement, but the interceptions and negative plays (sacks/fumbles) etc would have been higher.

To me, his completion %( 54.1 & 60.2) are far lower than they should be. He should have been in the low 60’s as a rookie (based on how good he was supposed to be), and then bordering on 64-65% in the WCO. So his accuracy hasn’t lived up to expectations. Neither has his command of the offense. He was reported to have some type of photographic memory, but he holds on to the ball way too long, which is a key contributor as to # of hits he takes. Manning, behind the same line, would read the defense much quicker and have the ball out to the receiver’s. Sure it’s only been two years for Luck, and he’ll likely read defenses better in year 10 than in year 2, but he’s had a hand in some of those sacks, and some of those hits, simply because he hasn’t got rid of the ball. His fundamentals  are also a little lacking in consistency, but that can be said for nearly any QB in comparison to Manning. 

In Manning’s first 2 years, he was closer to the league leaders than Luck has been in his first 2 years.

  • In 98/99 the top passing yardage mark was Favre’s 8303, Manning had 7874.
  • In 12/13 the top passing yardage mark was Brees’ 10,339, Luck had 8176.
  • In 98/99 the top touchdown mark was Favre & Steve Beuerline’s 53, Manning was one shy with 52.
  • In 12/13 the top touchdown passing mark was Manning’s 92 while Luck tossed 46.

While the game has changed rookie records are going to be broken just as Marino’s 48 touchdown passes and 5084 yards have been broken.  Manning still owns the rookie record (now with Russell Wilson with 26 touchdown passes). 

In 1998, the average NFL QB had the following line:

32.3 attempts per game. 205 ypg, 22 td passes, 71.2 rating, and a 56.6 cmp %.

Manning exceeded all of those but the rating.

In 2012, the average NFL QB had the following line:

34.7 apg, 231.3 ypg, 24 touchdown passes, 83.8 rating and a 60.9 cmp%.

Luck only bettered the APG, and YPG.

So while the mere fact that Luck had more passing yards than Manning during his rookie year, and has more cumulative yards through 2(so does Cam Newton, who was the QB that broke Manning’s passing yards record), many people assume that Luck was better than Manning. He had more yards. Manning was closer to the NFL’s best back then, than Luck is at this point.

So while some of his #’s are impressive, some aren’t as impressive as some think.

Will he be as successful as Manning? That one is hard to define. Lesser Quarterbacks than Manning have won quite a few if not every super bowl but one. Some have multiple rings. If the Colts build a better team around Luck than Manning, then he could surpass his Lombardi total, but then again, I believe that Dan Marino is the 2nd best quarterback to play the game and he only played in one Super Bowl, losing to Joe Montana.

Some of his #’s will likely exceed Manning, just because of the shift in the way the game is played. Manning helped create the style that many quarterbacks emulate at all levels of football. I read article/interview with Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe, who was as you likely know, Peyton’s OC at UT, and Eli’s HC at Ole Miss, and he said he had kids coming in at 17/18 that were mentally further along at 17/18 than either Manning, but it is because that the style that Peyton helped create has filtered down to college, high school and even youth league teams. They are simply more advanced.  When I played high school (I graduated in 1990), our play calling system was a WR would run each play in. We ran a veer/option based system and threw the ball more than 10 times a game like 3 times over 3 years. Different game. These days, you see high school quarterbacks with the coach/wristbands getting plays signaled and more coaching done from the sideline, but the QBs have more on their plate than even 25 years ago. The game has advanced.

So, when all is said and done it wouldn’t surprise me to see Luck pass some of his #’s, but it’s hard to say that that makes him better. If you want to leave it to wins/losses, then he should be more successful since he went to a better team, and played on better teams early in his career.

I guess it will all come down to how does one define success? I think Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady, but Brady has been more successful in winning team championships, and has a better won-loss record, but I also feel that he has bene on better teams, played for a much better coach, and had some of his #’s not lowered by learning on the fly as a rookie, but that’s a whole different story.

Thanks for the question.

Keep em coming


I have a few. 1. Aside from the Mannings, any other QB that you like? 2. I still think that PM should retire as a Colt , what’s your take on that? 3. Eli is not as revered as Peyton eventhough he does have 2 rings, because I guess it’s all about stats, but then some mock the older one for winning only one and having all those records. How crazy is that? 4. The experts say every team is a SB contender.What do you think of the Broncos this season? 5. Leave the partners out, Ashley or Gisele?

1. Aside from the Mannings, any other QB that you like?

I like watching Brady & Brees. I liked how Favre played the game like a little boy out in the yard, I like that about Romo as well.  Growing up I liked Dan Fouts, Archie, and Kennny Stabler was the first lefty I remember.  I liked Marino more than Montana/Elway. Randall Cunningham was always fun to watch.  I liked Drew Bledsoe, Jared Lorenzen was fun to watch at Kentucky, the big boy could throw it.  I wish Heath Shuler & Tim Couch would have had better careers. Warren Moon could always sling it and is underrated. Out of the younger crowd, I like Cam Newton the most, but he is also my local QB, so I see more of him than others. 

2. I still think that PM should retire as a Colt , what’s your take on that?

Without getting into a long rant, I will say that even if Peyton plays 5 more years in Denver, and even if he wins a couple of rings in the process, he will likely be remembered more as a Colt, simply because 13 years is twice as many as what would then be 7. The bulk of his #’s will be from his Indy days.  I know the city and a large % of the fan base has a soft spot in Peyton’s heart. He still goes back and contributes, etc. But at the end of the day, I simply hope he walks away as a Bronco due to Jim Irsay. The man doesn’t deserve to stand on a stage and have Manning sign a one-day contract to retire. The majority of the fans deserve it, the city deserves, but Jim Irsay doesn’t deserve, it, but Manning will still end up going back for the Ring of Honor, the official jersey retirement and likely a statute outside the house he built. He’s a better man than most, so he’ll likely forgive Irsay of his ignorance and pettiness and retire a Colt.

3. Eli is not as revered as Peyton eventhough he does have 2 rings, because I guess it’s all about stats, but then some mock the older one for winning only one and having all those records. How crazy is that?

It is pretty crazy. To me the rings argument has always been overblown. Tom Brady won 3 and he wasn’t near the QB he has been over the past 6-8 years and hasn’t won a title in that time frame. Some like to point to the Brad Johnson/Trent Dilfer owning rings, and Marino/Fouts/Tarkenton, etc don’t.  

Terry Bradshaw owns 4, and I’m a firm believer that a dozen or so QBs would have won at least 4 had they played on those teams with that Hall of Fame defense and the offense talent. 

Rings to me is a team award and even then the best team doesn’t always win, but the best team that wins on the right day takes home the hardware. Eli isn’t nearly as consistent as Peyton, but I look for him to have a big year and win the Comeback Player of the Year award, even though since he played last year, I don’t think he should personally be eligible, but players have won it while having a good year following a down year. 

4. The experts say every team is a SB contender.What do you think of the Broncos this season?

From an AFC perspective they are as good if not better than any team. New England will win the East, Indy will likely win the South(holding out hope Texas can knock them off), I think Pittsburgh will win the North, and Denver and San Diego, along with KC will battle for the West. In the playoffs anything can happen.  Seattle, New Orleans , San Francisco & Green Bay will be the class of the NFC, and any of those 4 could end up in the Super Bowl.  The teams in the AFC west will face tougher schedules than they did last year, but I think Denver will still win it.  I doubt Manning personally hits 55, and 5477 again, but I think he’ll have 45+ touchdowns and will exceed 5k yards.  The team should have better balance and a better defense. It will certainly be fun to see it play out.

5. Leave the partners out, Ashley or Gisele?

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. I’m not saying Gisele is ugly, she’s not, so don’t take it the wrong way, but  Ashley to me, is prettier and physically more appealing to me as a man. I hate using the world wholesome, because it seems negative, a lot like girls seem to hate being called cute, but she just seems more wholesome, grounded and down to earth. 

Thanks for the questions, with the night I’m having, they sure helped. 

Why suspending @jimirsay would be a waste of time.

Today is a perfect example of why suspending Colts owner would be a waste of time. 

Colts running back Vick Ballard, their best running back, I might add, tore his Achilles tendon today in training camp. An unfortunate event for the team and a good young back. He will obviously be placed on Injured Reserve, and his roster spot filled.

Let’s suppose that Commissioner Goodell had already suspended Irsay for his DWI charges(along with the drug issues that somehow vanished from the Indiana legal system).  Are you telling me that their GM Ryan Grigson wouldn’t touch base with the Colts owner on how to fill the Ballard roster spot? Sure they have other backs in camp, and gave away this past year’s #1 pick when trading for Trent Richardson, but if you don’t think that Grigson, or whatever Irsay daughter that would likely be the figurehead of the franchise wouldn’t touch base with the boss man or “Daddy”, then you are naive.  Suspending him would be a waste of time and only a token punishment.

He would still be involved in the decision making process. What if this injury would have happened to Andrew Luck, and the ? mark is even larger. Of course he’s going to help decide, whether they simply ride with Matt Hasselbeck, turn the ball over to the other 3rd year QB Chandler Harnish, or explore a trade/signing a free agent.

Fining him the million dollar max per the CBA, also does nothing to the billionaire. That would be like me giving you 4 quarters and a nickle. 

As I have said before, if the NFL wants to punish an owner, this joke of owner or any other, it has to be draft picks and or cap space or there is no real punishment.  Anything else is a token slap on the wrist, a lot like what happened with Ray Rice yesterday.

Now don’t get me wrong, I commend people that have issues that seek treatment and help. That is always a good thing, even with people I don’t care for, and even if there are additional motivators/benefits. 

I do however take umbrage with the comparison of comparing a self-inflicted illness to cancer. Obviously some cancers are in the end self-inflicted as well, but it makes you wonder if this bumbling buffoon ever thinks before he talks. Of course not, he’s a billionaire that can make most anything go away. 

Losing both of my parents to cancer sorta  gives me a unique perspective on the subject, so maybe I am more offended than the average Joe or Jane, but this ruffled my feathers.  Let the bastard get hit with chemo and radiation and let’s see how heroic he thinks the sweats and the shakes are. 

A man with his resources should be able to fight off any demons. Just sayin’

In some ways, (going through rehab) is my greatest moment, It takes courage to try and overcome the difficulties you have. For some reason, it’s seen as unheroic. When someone beats cancer, it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s so heroic,’ but when someone has this illness, it’s treated like you’re a leper because that person is morally corrupt, and that’s not the case.

Jim Irsay, Owner Indianapolis Colts

Really Jim? You are trying to compare problems you caused to cancer? You are a bigger piece of shit than I originally thought.

I’m sure your ignorant ass comments just made your head coach happy.

Just have the Colts PR department roll out the #jimstrong campaign.