My All Time Team: Honorable Mention Defense: J.J. Watt, Houston Texans

This marks the 39th of 53 weeks of announcing a member of my all time team. In weeks 13/26/39 and 52 there will be an additional post of Honorable Mention players (active) that make my team for one reason or another.

This week, J.J. Watt, Houston Texans, a helluva football player, but a better person. 

On This Day:

his 3rd game as a member of the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning tried
to lead a 4th quarter comeback.

Down 31-11 entering the 4th quarter Manning tossed touchdown passes
to Brandon Stokley and Joel Dressen but came up a bit short losing 31-25.

Manning finished the day 36/52 for 330 yards and the pair of touchdown passes.

CBS needs to fully buy into their Thursday Night Football package and create a handful of commercials featuring members of their currents casts and NFL players to promote the Thursday Night game each week.

  • It would be easy to see Anna Faris and Allison Janey from”Mom” fawning over J.J. Watt or Russell Wilson as examples. 
  • Matthew Perry’s “Oscar Madison” could easily cross paths the Giants QB, Eli Manning, and whatever flavor of the month the Jets go with week to week.
  • The cast of “The McCarthy’s” could use those horrible accents and fawn over Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots.
  • Of course, there would have to be the weekly pestering of Peyton Manning by Sheldon Cooper(Jim Parsons) from “The Big Bang Theory” with a “knock knock knock Peyton, who is playing this week?”
  • The NFL would likely want to stay away from the trifecta of “Criminal Minds”, ”CSI”, or the “NCIS” stable along with other police shows, though I’m sure they could find some of the labs useful with the way the Patriots push and exceed the rule book. Of course when they do, and they always do, the could easily retain “Alicia Florick”(Julianna Margulies)   from “The Good Wife” to represent their interests. Yeah that’s not happening, since everything is always pushed under the rug or destroyed. 
  • Tampa Bay’s….. well nevermind.
  • Maybe it would be safe for John Fox or Jay Culter to visit the diner that “Mike Biggs”(Billy Gardell) eats at on “Mike & Molly” ,though it is pretty easy to see any of that cast heckling Cutler.
  • With a new season and numerous new shows, I’m sure there would be a bit there to work with as well. 

I got a couple 1. If you could add three players to the team who would you add? 2.Quarterbacks shmorterbacks, what running backs do you like? 3 Best receiver Manning has played with?

1) 3 players

Good question. Calvin Johnson. Megatron and Thomas, with Welker inside? Yes, I’ll take that all day long. I’d have to go with Luke Kuechly, that would be an upgrade for Denver’s defense, and although the DL isn’t a huge need, I love the way J.J. Watt plays the game and works at it. He’s got a bit of Manningesque mindset to go with his much larger frame. Adding him would easily make for some interesting defensive fronts for the opposing QBs to look at.

2) Running Backs

I guess most of the running backs I liked are retired. I like bigger backs for the most part. I liked Jerome Bettis, Brandon Jacobs was a freaking Clydesdale. Barry Sanders is the best overall back I ever watched, saw more of him than I did Walter Payton. Edgerrin James is one of my all time favorites. John Riggins, Earl Campbell, and  Christian Okoye to name a couple older ones.

3) Best receiver

Saying Jerry Rice in the pro bowl would be the easy way out. I’d have to go with Demaryius Thomas, he’s more of a physical specimen. He played college ball at Georgia Tech and they were running the flex-bone(running offense) he caught 120 balls there in 3 years. Never caught 50 in a season, they ran the ball 70% of the time. He’s still relatively new to the passing game, and has praised Manning for teaching him a lot so far. He’s only going to get better. He’s a great talent on his own and I’m not saying that Manning has made him by any means but he has benefited a lot from the Tebow to Manning transition. He’s 6’3 230, more physical than Harrison or Wayne. Manning & Harrison had a helluva connection and the more time Manning/Thomas can spend together the better that combo will be. 

Thanks for the question.

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