Congratulations to Archie Manning on being named to the New Orleans Saints 50th anniversary All-time team. 

My dad always said that the difference between Terry Bradshaw having 4 Super Bowl Rings and Archie Manning zero was Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mel Blount and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

It seems that one of if not the best QB of that generation, Roger Staubach, (Fran Tarkenton is in the conversation) seems to agree with that theory in this interview.

Thinking back to some of those texts that came out in that spygate mess. Staff/equipment guys dissing QB1 in a certain place.  I think it really comes down to how you treat someone. 

Archie Manning and his release from the Saints.

“It was emotional,” Archie Manning said. “I went out to my car and Chief and Silky brought me my shoes and other stuff, put it all in a big old garbage sack and brought it out to me. Leaving the facility was pretty tough. Ole Silky cried on me – big time. As I was saying goodbye, I just kidded with Chief, ‘Don’t ever give that No. 8 to a punter.’" 

18 getting cut/fired/thrown out the door with his previous team. These are the guys that took him to the airport that March afternoon in 2012.

"We’ve got the greatest equipment guys in the world.”

“I think about those type of relationships – not necessarily always on the field, and the touchdown throw to win the game. It’s the behind the scenes. The laughs. The stories. The times spent together. Those are the memories. Those aren’t going away,” he said. “Those will be with me for the rest of my life.”

18 and the story of tracking down a play vs. Ole Miss.

“This is what he says: ‘In 1996, Tennessee played Ole Miss in Memphis, in the third quarter we ran a play called Flip Right Duo, X Motion, Fake Roll 98 Block Pass Special. I need you to find that play, I need you to digitize it and I need you to send it to me at Denver, in my email.’

18 comparing writers and people on the Letterman set to equipment guys/trainers.

“The writers, all the people on the set, the makeup people, everybody. It’s just like in the NFL, where your equipment guys and your trainers and so many people are crucial to your success”. 

33 years later and nobody has worn #8 with the Saints since. 

18 years later there is Manning and the UT equipment manager Roger Frazier  crossing the endzone before the Alabama game.

I really don’t think that happens if you are jerk.