On This Day:

a sunny day in Charlotte, North Carolina Peyton Manning became the first player
in NFL history to beat 31 teams(all but his own) beating the Carolina Panthers
31-7. It might also have been the last time Manning faced a Quarterback older
than him, in Vinny Testaverde(will have to check that).

finished 14/30 for 255 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Joseph Addai caught the
first one for four yards.

the 3rd quarter Manning hit wide receiver Reggie Wayne with a 59
yarder that eclipsed Johnny Unitas’ franchise record of 287 touchdown passes.
Before manning was fired/cut/thrown away he pushed the franchise record to 399.


On This Day:

the night with 506 touchdown passes, Peyton Manning and his Broncos knew it
could be an historic night. They beat the San Francisco 49ers 42-17.

2:57 left in the first quarter Manning hit Wes Welker(39) with his 508th
touchdown pass of his career tying future Hall of Famer, Brett Favre. With 3:09
left in the 1st half, Manning hit Demaryius Thomas with an 8 yard
pass to set the NFL record with 509.

finished the evening 22/26 for 318 yards and 4 touchdown passes, with the other
two going to Emmanauel Sanders (3) and another one to Demaryius Thomas for

a year later idiots…..(it’s not worth it).