“Bill had such great experience and great knowledge. Being an old coach and being an old scout, he had a great way of evaluating players and understanding how to put the right kinds of players together in order to form a good football team. He was an extremely hard worker. I can’t remember a Colts practice that we had that Bill wasn’t out there watching his players, seeing how players were practicing and always thinking about what he could do to make the team better.”

“As I like to say, Bill wasn’t playing on the field on Sunday, but it felt like he was out there with us,. He was always walking through the stretch lines and shaking everybody’s hands right before kickoff and before he headed to the press box to watch the game. He was the first one you saw after a win or after a loss to shake your hand or put his arm around you. He was right in there with you, and that meant a lot to the players I think. He had his sleeves rolled up and was ready to compete with you every single Sunday.”

“He was a loyal guy. He loved his players. He was a tough guy and just a guy that you enjoyed competing with, playing hard for and trying to win for as a player. With that said, he did that everywhere he went: Buffalo, Carolina and Indianapolis. That’s why he’s going into the Hall of Fame. I just couldn’t be happier for him.”

Peyton Manning on his former General Manager, Bill Polian entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Bill Polian enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame tonight. Peyton Manning is making his first trip to Canton to honor the General Manager that drafted him out of Tennessee. 

Part of me wishes that Polian would live up to the salty and cantankerous persona that he is accused of being while having to get interviewed by moronic hacks like Bob Kravitz, but I doubt that happens. It would make for an interesting speech.

Mini Rant:  On more than one occasion today I’ve seen people reference Manning telling Irsay, for his former team to draft Luck. I’m calling BS on that.

I’ll stick with Archie & Polian’s version of 18 telling them to draft “me”, meaning not to draft any of the rookies, and to retain him.  Now after all was said and done I have read reports that he would pick AL1 over RG3, but by no means did he tell billionaire dipshit to draft the Geico guy out of Stanford instead of keeping him.  

Sorry, just had to clear that up.