“You know nobody loves the quarterback position more than me. Today, with the 50th Super Bowl and the league bringing back all the MVPs, I saw Phil Simms and I saw Joe Montana and Steve Young out there on the field before the game. I wanted so badly to find a way to be out there for that MVP picture out there with Eli and Tom Brady and Joe Namath. Impossible. There was no way I could do it. But nobody loves quarterbacks more than me and I think I have an even greater perspective and appreciation for the position after this year and I’ve stuck with it. You find out a lot. And it certainly ended up in a real good way today, didn’t it?”

Peyton Manning on the Super Bowl Pregame and the Quarterback position.

I want

What do I want out of today?

First and foremost I want a win, sorta like my parents hoping for a healthy baby they didn’t care that it was ugly. So I want a win.

I want the final play to be #18 taking a knee so there are no questions asked. There are no heart attacks or anything of that ilk. 

I’ll take an MVP performance and I know the ignorant will bash it either way, that’s just how they roll. He could put up a 158.3 with 6 touchdowns and the idiots will revile against it. 

I’d love to go naked one final time on the goal line.  That would be the proverbial cherry on top. A signature play in a signature game from a signature career . 

I want the embrace of players  current, past and opposing stopping to offer congratulations.

I want a smile with trophy in hand. You now that one where it screams of such humbleness. 

I want the twins on stage  their hair and clothes littered with confetti and streamers. Maybe the little little ones doing snow angles with #88 and #10. 

I want one more kiss and embrace with Ashley on the twenty-seven or whatever yard-line.

I want brothers both big and little beaming of satisfaction with wet eyes.

I want Papabear and his better half to finally being able to exhale(partially Eli is still riding the river).

This is more
of a rant than anything, but hey it gets the blood pumping.

So Jim
wants Peyton Manning to
retire as a Colt? Well, Jim you
shouldn’t have fired him. You
shouldn’t have thrown him away in a Hefty
bag and even more than that you shouldn’t open your damn mouth this week.

Just shut the fuck up about #18. You don’t
deserve to talk about him. Not this week, not when it could be his last game.
It just shows how sad and petty you are that you have to seek any level of
attention. What you should have done with your trigger happy thumbs that rival
a 13-year-old girl was simply congratulated
him for the AFCCG win. Then on
Saturday or Sunday you send out a “good
tweet. That’s what you should have done, but no you have to go on
some tv show and say you want him to retire a Colt, and that you’ve asked him

I can see why he might. He spent the majority
of his career there. Won his first of a possible two Lombardi trophies there. Made relationships, made lasting bonds.
Built a freaking stadium, poured
money into various charities
including the Peyton Manning Children’s
. I get that. He loves the city. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted
to be like a Dan Marino and play his
entire career with one franchise. Well, that didn’t happen. He loves the
majority of the fans. So I can understand why he might want to do a one-day
contract, but you, you pill headed piece
of shit
, you do not deserve to stand by him at a retirement press conference.
Peyton Manning is a far better man
than myself, a far better man than you, so while that might happen, but you,
you petty drunk bastard do not deserve it all.

He’ll show up for the Ring of Honor induction. He’ll show up for the official retirement
of jersey #18. He’ll show up when
you honor the team from XLI or other teammates & coaches.
He’ll show up when they erect a
outside the stadium he built,
but I hope when he does retire, he simply retires and doesn’t give you that
honor of him retiring by your side.  Oh
and for those that think he’ll come back and work as a coach, a member of the
front office, or GM. Of that team? For that dickhead?  Nah not happening.      

Archie Manning has used the term fired, when most say cut. I’m sure Archie’s terminology is
closer to how #18 feels than “most”.

Enjoy your next relapse.

438 words

Justin Tuck, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning with Pro Football Hall of Famers Y.A. Tittle and the late Frank Gifford.

Obviously this was a New York Giants home game, and they likely had Tittle and Gifford out as honorary captains or to do the coin toss.

One of the interesting parts of the Super Bowl each and every year is the coin toss. I’m still amazed that the NFL on their own, or any of the respective networks that carry NFL games have yet to attach a sponsorship to the cointoss so that is shown each and every week. I’d much rather see the coin toss with a banner under, reading brought to you by Company xyz, or Dunder Mifflin or whatever. than the 60 second spots that happen before/after it.

I also feel that as big as the NFL is, that it wouldn’t be that big of an expense to make sure that each team had an honorary captain at each football game. If it were televised, then the two former players/coaches etc would be introduced to a new generation. Using tonight’s game as an example, it could be Rocky Bleier and Tommy Kramer, and some teenager watching the game could google Rocky Bleier and learn a bit more about the former Vietnam Vet.  

To me, it would simply make for better tv, having it mic’d up with the players shaking hands and exchanging whatever, whether they were pleasant or not.