The Heisman Memorial Trophy. Irrelevant since 1997, 


Just a friendly reminder.

It’s that time a year again. #heistman

<sarcasm>I blame Fulmer for not putting #16 on the punt block team or at Free Safety for 3-6 plays a game <sarcasm/>

Oh what do we have here?

<sarcasm>Phil could have easily let Peyton punt vs Kentucky/Vanderbilt.. Shame on you Phillip!<sarcasm/>   If they punted…. I can’t recall for sure.

RIP Coach Summitt

Over the next week or so you’ll read many a tribute about this woman, this person, this coach from those that played for, worked for/with her and knew her. 

One tiny thing always stood out. During the Lady Vols run of domination in the 90′s there was a championship game where she called time out with a couple of seconds left. She had a girl, I don’t recall her name, or her class, but she had torn her ACL during the season. She dressed for the championship game. She in-bounded the ball with two point whatever seconds left. That to me showed me that no detail was too small. You are about to win championship #x, yet you think of an injured player just to make her feel more apart of it. That moment stood out.

“There isn’t anyone who knows Tennessee football better than Peyton Manning. For Peyton Manning to say those things – that means a lot – but he also sees what is going on because he has invested a lot into our football program, He’s around our players now and has been around our program for the last few years so he sees the progress that we’re making. That meant a lot and he’s a great friend. Any time he can be on our sidelines and in our locker room is what Tennessee football is all about. You’re talking about the greatest football player and the greatest quarterback of all time – and he’s a Tennessee Vol.”

-Butch Jones, Head Coach University of Tennessee