Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts fumble the ball again.

Yesterday they announce that on the weekend of October 7th/8th the following will occur:

  • 10/7: Peyton Manning’s statue will be unveiled outside of “The House that Peyton Built”
  • 10/8: Jersey # 18 is officially retired
  • 10/8: Peyton Manning enters the Colts Ring of Honor.

All of those are honors are well deserved but is this day supposed to be about Peyton Manning?  If so then why isn’t it scheduled for December 12th/13th when the Denver Broncos come to town to hopefully beat the shit out of the Colts.

The Colts currently have one former Manning teammate on the roster, kicker Adam

Vinatieri. I’m sure a number of his former teammates will make the trip to Indianapolis to be apart of the celebration but even more could have easily been included. 

Outside of Vinatieri, I think at last count there might be three of his former Colts teammates still active in the league, Jacob Tamme in Atlanta, Antoine Bethea, was recently signed by the Arizona Cardinals(who play in Indy during week 2 and would also be a better weekend to host these events simply because of Bruce Arians(former IC QB Coach) and Tom Moore(former IC OC) would be in the building). So the more I think about it they really did shit the bed in planning this.  Dwight Freeney would be the other guy, but I don’t think he’s on a roster yet, but I also haven’t seen an official retirement announcement. 

If the day was truly about Manning, it would be scheduled when the Broncos come to town so that even more of his former teammates could be a part of it. I’m sure former receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders would love to say congratulations to their former Quarterback and guys like Von Miller and others such as 

Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward among other defensive players would view it as an honor to be around on that day. 

But Jim Irsay is all about Jim Irsay and his upside down horseshoe.  The bastard will never win it all again. 

On This Day:
November 14


the New York Giants for the first time, Peyton Manning led his team into the
Meadowlands and left with a 27-19 win.

finished the game 20/35 for 237 yards and a pair of touchdowns to Marvin
Harrison, the first to open the scoring of 19 yards, and the second of 57 yards
in the 3rd quarter.




Manning’s historic 2004 continued as he dumped five more touchdown passes on
the Houston Texans beating them 49-14 pushing his season total to 31.

finished the game 18/27 for 320 yards passing.

slot machine, Brandon Stokley pulled in a pair of the touchdown passes(4,69).
Dallas Clark also pulled in a pair of touchdown passes(1,80). Reggie Wayne
caught the other touchdown pass from 5 yards.



a rare occurrence (Pre Kubiak), Peyton Manning was held without at touchdown
pass, but still won 23-17 vs. the visiting Bengals of Cincinnati.

finished the game 20/36 for 185 yards passing.


On This Day:

say it’s all about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, but in my opinion it’s always
been Peyton Manning v. Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady v. Dungy, Del Rio and a
host of other defensive coordinators.

Manning v. Cassel I, Manning’s team won 18-15, taking the lead on an Adam
Vinatieri 52 yard field goal midway through the 4th quarter.

finished the night 21/29 for 254 yards and pair of touchdown passes, to Anthony
Gonzalez, the first(12) coming in the 1st quarter, the 2nd
(9) came in the 3rd quarter.


On This Day:

a sunny day in Charlotte, North Carolina Peyton Manning became the first player
in NFL history to beat 31 teams(all but his own) beating the Carolina Panthers
31-7. It might also have been the last time Manning faced a Quarterback older
than him, in Vinny Testaverde(will have to check that).

finished 14/30 for 255 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Joseph Addai caught the
first one for four yards.

the 3rd quarter Manning hit wide receiver Reggie Wayne with a 59
yarder that eclipsed Johnny Unitas’ franchise record of 287 touchdown passes.
Before manning was fired/cut/thrown away he pushed the franchise record to 399.


On This Day:

times, the NFL scheduling department mysteriously sets up some near perfect
moments.  Entering the game Peyton
Manning was sitting on 499 touchdown passes. On the opposing sideline he found
the Arizona Cardinals coached by his former quarterbacks coach Bruce Arians,
and the man that designed a very high percentage of those 499 touchdown passes,
former offensive coordinator Tom Moore.

was fitting that they were in the house to view #500, a 7 yard pass to Julius
Thomas, unfortunately for them, they also viewed #’s 501, 502 and 503 as the
Broncos defeated the Cardinals 41-20.

Manning finished the game 31/47 with a career high 479 yards passing with each
Thomas, Demaryius(31, 86) and Julius(7,12) hauling in touchdown passes.

how I wish Arians and Moore were on the Broncos sideline to celebrate the


On This Day:

Manning faced the Houston Texans for the first time leading his team to a 23-3
in his first trip to Houston, one of the cities his father Archie played in.

Manning finished 21/28 for 272 yards and two touchdown passes. The first was to
Qadry Ismail, and the second was to Reggie Wayne.


On This Day:

Manning tossed a pair of 2nd half touchdown passes, the first to
Reggie Wayne, the second to Marcus Pollard. The pair of scores coupled with 2 4th
quarter rushing touchdowns by Edgerrin James led the team to a 31-17 win over
the AFC rival Tennessee Titans.

Manning finished 24/33 254 yards and the two touchdown passes.


Peyton Manning on former coaches Bruce Arians and Tom Moore.

“Bruce Arians was my quarterbacks coach for my first three years in Indianapolis. You really knew back then that he was bound to be an NFL head coach at some point. He had it in his blood; it was just a matter of getting the right situation. He’s a high-energy coach and a fun coach to play for.“

“Tom Moore was my offensive coordinator there for 14 years in Indianapolis. I think Tom is in his 40 40th season in the NFL.”

“You talk about somebody that’s seen it all. He’s a quarterbacks dream to play for because he’s just as loyal as they come. He always had your back. He used to tell me, ‘Hey, if you change the play and it works well, that was your idea. If it doesn’t work, it was my idea.’”

"He’s just an old-school guy. Tough. You talk about wearing out a referee… he would wear out a referee. I remember one time I wasn’t playing and he was absolutely just giving this referee the business like you couldn’t believe.”

"He had his headphones on and the referee turned around and said, ‘Hey, you can’t talk to me like that!’ And he said, ‘I’m not talking to you; I’m talking to the guy up in the press box!’ [It’s] just things like that, that were funny and truly old school.”