The 15 modern-era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016 are as follows (presented in alphabetical order): Morten Andersen, Steve Atwater, Don Coryell, Terrell Davis, Tony Dungy, Alan Faneca, Brett Favre, Kevin Greene, Marvin Harrison, Joe Jacoby, Edgerrin James, John Lynch, Terrell Owens, Orlando Pace and Kurt Warner.

If I had a vote(5 can be voted in):

  • Brett Favre – No question. He’ll be a first ballot Hall of Famer
  • Joe Jacoby – The best “hog” of the bunch and better than a number of OL that are already in. Changed the position. Prototypical Left Tackle
  • Marvin Harrison – Deserved to go in before Andre Reed and Tim Brown, even if they are older and had been waiting longer. Harrison is/was/will always be better.
  • Don Coryell – Another that should already be in there. Many a current offenses are molded/built off of his concepts. Father of the modern passing game. Genius 
  • For the 5th vote it is hard to decide between Davis,James, Owens and Lynch. I’d love to see Marvin & Edge go in together, and Dungy too(if you insist on him being a Hall of Fame coach but I don’t), but I don’t see it happening. So unless I had my mind changed during the process, I would submit 4 votes.

Who do I expect will get in: Favre, Harrison, Tony Dungy, Orlando Pace and Kurt Warner. 

Senior nominees. Ken Stabler was among the best of his era. He deserves induction. I do not know enough about Dick Stanfel to form an opinion.

2016 contributor candidate Edward DeBartolo, Jr., helped build one of the better dynasties in San Fran and helped bring football back to Cleveland. I would vote Yes.

Voting Process:

The Senior finalists and Contributor finalist will be voted “yes” or “no” for election at the annual selection meeting and must receive at least 80 percent support from the Committee to be elected. The Modern Era finalists will be trimmed during the meeting from 15 to 10 and then from 10 to 5. The remaining five finalists will be voted on individually, “yes” or “no” and must receive the same 80 percent positive vote as the seniors and contributor candidates to earn election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Class of 2016 will be announced during the “NFL Honors” nationally broadcast award show that evening. 

Each player needs 37 out of 46 votes to get in. 

I will likely edit this when it’s cut to 10, and or 5 and offer a comment about the ones that are in the final 5.

On This Day:

Manning and his team jumped out to an early 14-0 lead, but with less than 3
minutes to go, found the game tied in a shootout with Daunte Culpepper.

led his team down the field in the final minutes to set up a Mike Vanderjagt
game winning field goal from 35 yards.

finished the game 23/29 for 268 yards and 4 touchdown passes. Tight End Marcus
Pollard hauled in a pair of them(10,19) and Reggie Wayne caught one from 5
yards, while Dallas Clark and Manning connected from 4 yards out.

4 scoring passes pushed his 8 game total to 26.

On This Day:
10/6/03 part 2

many people turning off their televisions following the Barber interception,
they missed one of, if not the greatest comebacks of all time.

Pyatt took the following kick off back 90 yards and four plays later James
Mungro scored a touchdown from the 3 cutting the lead to 35-21.

Vanderjagt and Idrees Bashir converted on an onside kick attempt. Six plays
later Peyton Manning hit Marvin Harrison with a 28 yard touchdown pass cutting
the lead to 35-28.

Vanderjagt failed to complete his 2nd onside attempt.

defense forced a 3 & out following the punt the offense was set to take over at
the 15 with 1:41 left.

Manning moved the ball down the field with the biggest chunk of yardage going
to Marvin Harrison with a 52 yard catch down to the Tampa 6 yard line. Ricky
Williams knocked it in to the end zone on his 2nd attempt making the score 35-35.

Johnson and the Buccaneers were able to move into position for a long distance
field goal attempt by Martin Gramatica but it was blocked by Larry Tripplett sending the game into overtime.

giving up a first down, the defense forced Tampa Bay to punt but a running into
the kicker call extended the drive. After 3 more plays Tampa Bay was
punting again.

Manning and the offense set up at the 13 needing only to get into field goal
range for Mike Vanderjagt(hard to chart).

& 1 from the Tampa 22 set Vanderjagt up for a 40 yard field goal. 

He missed it,
yet there was a piece of yellow laundry on the field. 

Simeon Rice was flagged
for leaping and landing on a teammate, which was a half the distance to the
goal penalty setting Vanderjagt up for a 29 yard field goal.

He made it.

Even though the clock on the east coast had ticked past midnight, I’ll
go out on a limb and say Tony Dungy gladly accepted that as a birthday gift
from his team.

Somewhere Keyshawn Johnson is still running his mouth about Marvin Harrison.

On This Day:

on new head coach, Tony Dungy’s birthday, his team gave him a 28-21 victory
over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Manning finished 21/34 for 224 yards two touchdown passes and an interception
and an 11 yard rushing touchdown.

threw a pair of 3 yard touchdown passes to Marcus Pollard and Marvin Harrison.

On This Day:

facing divisional foe Jacksonville on the twenty-first of September, Peyton
Manning’s team came up a little short losing 23-21 on a Josh Scobee 51 yard field
goal with 4 seconds left.

can’t recall exactly if this was one of those games where a highly
questionable decision by head coach Tony Dungy(repeated by Jim Caldwell on more
than one occasion)cost his team the game or not, unfortunately this happened
more than once.

finished 15/29 for 216 yards and a touchdown pass to Marvin Harrison with 2

Who presents Manning into the Hall of Fame when he retires, Mora, Dungy Caldwell or Fox? Does he go in as a Colt or Bronco?

1) None of the above

I believe that honor will fall on his brother Cooper, and if not Cooper it would likely be his father Archie. 

Cooper as most know was forced to give up the game of football his freshman year at Ole Miss, and while 18 was Archie’s # at Ole Miss, Peyton has said that he wears as more of honor of  Cooper. Cooper, who seems to be the most charismatic brother, the one that is the most proficient in sarcasm, will own the ceremony in Canton, whether it’s live or via video. He’ll have the crowd laughing and he might have the crowd crying, but if I had to bet everything I owned, Cooper Manning to me would be the safest bet. Archie would be choice #2, and if you forced me to make a decision from one of his previous coaches, I’d bypass all of his head coaches including Philip Fulmer at Tennessee, and go with either David Cutcliffe, his offensive coordinator at Tennessee, or Tom Moore his offensive coordinator with the Colts. Those were the two men that Manning turned to with the most of that emphasis on Coach Cutcliffe, now the Head Coach at Duke University, when he was rehabbing his neck/arm/nerves after it was clear he wasn’t welcome in Indy. I’d go with Cutcliffe over Moore, but I’d say it would be Tom Moore before any of his pro head coaches or players.

2) Neither

He simply goes into the hall of fame. It’s not like baseball, his bust will rest on a stand that will have his name, and his years of service with each of his two teams. Many will most likely remember him more for his time with the Colts simply because it will likely be more than twice the amount of time he will spend in Denver. 

Last week, a question addressed whether I would want him to retire as a Colt or a Bronco, the response can be found here

Thanks for the question.

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