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Do you think players/teams get much benefit from these dual practices? Like Den/Hou or NE/PHI last week?

I do see a benefit. One, it allows work against different players, different schemes and different approaches from a mindset.

Two, the coaches can meet and share ideas on what they’d like to see from the other team, obviously the team has a responsibility to itself to work on things that they do as opposed to concentrating on what someone wants to see, but when there is a scratch my back, I’ll scratch your hand shake agreement, then there can be some benefit. For example if the Broncos want to see inside blitzes and pressure then the Texans can dial some of that up even if it’s not exactly from their own game plan. Just as if the Texans want to work their corners more, then they can relay that message so that Manning’s throwing to the outside receivers on any given play.

For the OL and front 7 it’s new faces, new meat, and you aren’t pounding on the same people(if they are pounding at all), I believe I read that Wednesday would be in pads, as where yesterday was in shorts.

Having the different schemes and looks, is important. For the Broncos facing a talented DL led by J.J. Watt can only help for when they are facing the 3-4 teams on their schedule. 

I believe that teams will continue to do this in the future and I would see it expanding as opposed to going away.

Thanks for the question.



On the best part of training camp being over

“I think the best part is knowing that we got a lot of good work accomplished. It has been a physical camp. We are in full pads just about every day, which certainly can take a toll physically on players, but guys have pushed and worked through that. It’s the only way to really get a real idea of what kind of team you are going to have and how guys hold up in full contact. We got a lot of positive work done—still some things that we need to clean up and work through. But I think having a sense of accomplishment is probably one of the better things.”

On seeing RB C.J. Anderson go down

“It’s just awful. I haven’t heard the extent, but it certainly did not look good. You could hear him out there grimacing, which is never a sound that any player likes to hear. So, my thoughts and prayers are with him. But, hopefully it’s not as serious as it may have appeared.”

On if the bad practices the offense had during camp sit with him

“I think every practice, as many situations as we have and as many plays as we run, is kind of play-to-play, in my opinion. Saying, ‘Hey, that was a good play,’ or, ‘That was not good execution and as soon as this practice is over we’re going in and watching the film and grading and evaluating ourselves.’ Our coaches are correcting us, so, I don’t know if there are necessarily good or bad practices. I mean, the coaches have their opinions, but as players every player is grading themselves every single play. That is what practice is for.”

On the simulated crowd noise that was playing during practice today

“The crowd noise goes on the entire time out here at practice. Sometimes on the road, right after a play there is a little less noise because everybody has to take a sip of their beer or eat their nachos; they can’t yell during that time. They usually get loud 25 seconds to the zero [on the play clock]. So, we probably make it tougher out here. But, you cannot duplicate what we are going to hear Saturday in Seattle. But, you try to make it as irritating and as frustrating as it possibly can be out here at practice. So when you get to the games you say, I have worked through this before, this is why we have hand signals and the lineman sometimes are having to read lips at times because it is so loud. But, that is why you work through it out here at practice.”

On how important the fraternity of quarterbacks is to him

“It’s a unique position. Only other quarterbacks know what a quarterback feels and sees out there and what it’s like after certain plays or certain throws. I think you do have great camaraderie and have a lot in common. So, any time you have some other guys to bounce some ideas off and talk about some of the same difficulties or challenges that they have that you also have, I think it’s a positive thing.”

On his reaction to LB Von Miller’s situation

“I really just heard about it, barely, last night. I know we are anxious to see how this appeal works out today and we hope to have him back out here on the field and ready to go against Seattle and certainly ready to go against Baltimore as well.”

On if the defense looked any different without LB Von Miller

“[LB] Shaun Phillips was in there playing linebacker and playing defensive end some on third downs and you had [LB] Nate Irving in there as well with [LB] Stewart Bradley. Any time you have a player injured or a player that is not able to go, somebody else has to step up and that’s what teams have to be able to do.”

On how much he wants the situation with LB Von Miller to get resolved

“It’s going to get resolved one way or the other. We certainly know what we want. But, we are prepared for any possible scenario. That’s how you have to be. If you get all wrapped up into one outcome and it doesn’t end up turning out that way, you don’t really have a Plan B. Today was a good practice on the possibility that he may not be here. If that is the case, that is not going to be an excuse for our team and we have to find a way to do our jobs. But, we certainly hope that he is here.”

On his confidence in RBs Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball

“They both have had good camps and they’ve used all of the repetitions, the walkthroughs and the meetings to help them improve. You cannot teach a rookie running back everything that he needs to know in OTAs, mini camps and three weeks of training camp. It takes two or three years sometimes to get totally comfortable in an offense. But, we are cramming Montee with as much information as we possibly can. The other running backs help him; [Running Backs Coach] Eric Studesville does a great job getting him prepared on what he needs to know. We know Montee is going to play a big role in our offense this year and Ronnie has really done a good job all camp.”

On the upcoming mandatory HGH testing mandated by the league

“I guess I’m not as in the know on that. So, if that is what we have to do, that’s what we will do, but I’m not the expert I guess I should say.”

On the most common reaction to his DirectTV commercial

“You certainly hear it when you go over and sign autographs. The fans sing it, or try and sing it, not to say I was singing it by any means, I’m not sure what exactly I was doing out there. But, the fans have had some fun with it; certainly my teammates have had some fun with it. I think that was the idea. I guess it will get the word out there that you can watch football on your phone. I’m not sure if you can watch preseason on your phone, you have to wait until the regular season. But, I think people have had some fun with it, which is a good thing.”

Quotes provided by the Denver Broncos media department